Thursday, October 1, 2015

We're going on a treasure hunt

Ipswich Art Gallery, the Children's Gallery, has such wonderful programs. I don't mind the near hour drive there and back to let my children experience an exhibition just for them.

These holidays the Gallery had a treasure hunt activity. What I like about the set up was they had a section for children under 3 too so there was less risk of babies chocking on the gems.

The idea was for children to fossick for the 'treasures' and to have a geology experience. There was a chart too for children to check what they had found after they used the sieve to separate the sand from the gems. Children were also able to decorate their bags using stamps and ink.

Upstairs in the Gallery was another children's activity/exhibition called "Imagine this..." where children had the stimulus of artworks from the collection to respond to and create something inspired by the artworks. As you can see in the imagine below is an artwork by Eddy Parritt called Giant remote viewing (2003) made from Wood, steel and mixed media. On the wall are the results of the creations the children have made.

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