Friday, October 2, 2015

Sunprints at the Museum of Brisbane

My first ever visit to the Museum of Brisbane located at City Hall, Brisbane City. The reason...a children's school holiday workshop, to coincide with Robyn Stacey's exhibition Cloudland. (Cloudland is about the fusion of two images however one is upside down and overlayed transparent). The activity (loosely linked to the exhibition) for children was a sunprints activity; where you use photographic paper and expose objects to the paper using the sun. The idea still related to the exhibition in the sense of photography and transparency. This is a fun activity, inexpensive, and anyone can do it -at home or in the classroom. 



  • Photographic paper (buy from an art shop)
  • Flat objects (feathers, doilies, ribbon, sequins)
  • Clip board or board
  • Clear plastic like persex 
  • Bulldog clips
  • Water tray & rubber tongs 
  • Paper towel
The process:
  1. Lay photographic paper on board
  2. Choose objects and arrange (composition)
  3. Lay clear plastic persex over objects and use the bulldog clips to clamp together
  4. Expose in sun for a few minutes until paper blue colour noticeably changes
  5. Take plastic and objects off
  6. Place paper in water bath for the chemical change to happen
  7. Take out of water and dab dry with paper towel
  8. Chemical change will continue to happen
You could explain to your child about sun safety and how it can demonstrate the use of sun screen. The objects would be the 'sunscreen' and the paper is the 'exposed skin'. The paper (skin) gets burnt when exposed to the sun. When you take the objects away, you can clearly see where the 'skin' has been protected.

Positive/Negative space, composition, chemical reaction, exposure

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