Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valley Views Painting Demonstration

Valley Views Commission Painting -Photo of Clients Kitchen
This painting was a commission piece. The client wanted a triptych painting from two reference photos provided of a national park they visited and enjoyed the scenery. Luckily enough I have too visited this park so already I had a sense of the look and feel of the scenery.


Preliminary Research: First thing I did was a bit more research for other reference photos. Sketches -tonal greyscale drawing and colour schemes.

Step 1: Blocking in the background undertone colour (a warm yellow ochre). Once dry, I used a pastel pencil to sketch in drawing and then blocked in the background with paynes grey for the tonal underpainting. (All Acrylic on Canvas)

Step 2: Block in base colour to match underpainting tone. Keep the sky and background colour more transparent and as you work closer to the foreground make it more opaque. Keep mountains a light blue grey and blurry (no hard edges), and foreground mountains green.

Step 3: Start working back in from background to foreground with detail. Remember you want to keep the illusion of perspective so only blurry loose detail for background and sharp hard edge detail for foreground. 

I used a deer foot brush for the foreground and middleground mountain texture. Hogs hair brush while using acrylic paint can help add detail. I also used a palette knife in places to had a bit of texture such as the tree trunks and rocks. A rigger brush is great for twigs/branches and fine line detail.

(Note: there really should be a photo with less detail than the one shown below but if you look at the far right painting you can see the foreground wild grass is yet to be done. There is a purple undertone to help darken the shadow)

Step 4: Add detail and final touches such as twigs, leaves, birds in background sky

Here is an example contract template for an artwork commission. Use as a guide to modify to suit your needs.

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