Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fireworks Glitter Painting with Preschoolers

Add a bit of sparkle to your paintings by adding glitter (large confetti like shinny paper for littlies or glitter dust for older children). Get children to paint using a brush and emphasise making lines. Get them to be energetic and make the sounds "boom" and "crackle" to help convey the movement and the mood. Describe the fireworks to look like a dandelion, asterisk, and long grassy shrubs for example. While the painting is still wet, and flat on a table, sprinkle with glitter.

Painting by 4.5yr old

Adult Example
Connect with Curriculum:
This activity links with a unit or theme on Celebrations. Specifically New Year's Eve or other events where fireworks is used, Chinese New Year etc. 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

From Journal to Reality (Canvas)

"Bystander" (c.) Chrissy Dwyer 2014
It is always nice when an idea you have been conjuring up for months finally comes to fruition...see the initial journal sketches and how I use my visual diary to document and record my ideas and develop my concept.
This piece was inspired from a few things... near where I live is a public park, Minnippi Park, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, where wild deer have been sighted over the years. There have been some attempts to capture and cull for the 'benefit of public safety'. Parallel to this idea of being hunted and safety of the hunted, the deer is a metaphor for our human selves and this idea came about at a time bullying was prominent in the media, and my own family member was experiencing this. It took me to thinking about how the bullied can often be one who appears strong and brave, like the deer, especially a deer with antlers. But what's more, it is those who are the 'bystander' and the title of this piece, that have much more to answer for. 

Inspiration from news article & sketches

Images & Research with sketches


Colour Scheme Studies
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