Friday, December 26, 2014

Year in Review -The Year that was 2014

Well looking back at 2014 I feel a sense of accomplishment -success came in many ways though not so obvious at I reflect I can see.

While working full time and being pregnant for the first 7 months of the year and then having a newborn for the last 4 months of the year I managed to create 13 paintings (not all made the quality control check to go on my website. Some were done moreso behind the scenes for fun!).

I participated in an international Artist Swap Project, I had a second(though informal) solo exhibition held during Sep 2014 - Jan 2015 at St Vincent Hospital Brisbane and participated in my first group exhibition as part of the Brisbane Artsworkers Collective, Hatch, Graydon Gallery New Farm 18-23 Brisbane  Nov. I was shortlisted for the second year in the Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards. And was selected to be part of the Pine Rivers Gallery "Flights of Fancy" exhibition scheduled for Dec however my artwork SOLD!!! so was unable to participate. I did make some sales this year which is always nice. I also experienced my first market stall to do Kids Christmas Craft activities.

Did I mention I was pregnant and had a baby!!! Well that did make it all the more hard to not only be creative having been so tired (did I mention I work full time), and have a 4yr old and then a newborn to contend with while trying to do a minimum of 3 paintings to be exhibited in the group exhibition I committed to.

Also I did the motherly duty and did a couple of art lessons at the Kindy my child goes to (see here and here) and volunteered a few art lessons at a local primary school where my mother-in-law works. I also did my first PD webinar for teachers on the "Essential Elements of Visual Arts"

So I guess I have surprised myself how much I have actually accomplished considering all those life factors!

I also made a 'new years resolution' to focus on creating paintings that belonged to a series rather than one-offs, and I did mostly achieve this. I think that was a good thing to make myself to do. I also wanted to have a bit more of a conceptual focus this year rather than a 'for pretty sake' of making a picture.

So, I wonder what will 2015 bring...?

As usual I have an end of year sale to help turn over older stock to make way for new paintings, so please check out my website (share with your friends and family) and you could grab an original artwork for an affordable price.

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  1. Wonderful post! Wow you have had a very busy 2014. Congratulations on your new baby. May you and family have a Happy New Year!

    Jimmie Bartlett


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