Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Craft Activities

Try some of these simple and easy Christmas Craft activities for ages 3 - 12yrs. The purpose of these activities is to be easy for adults to do with their child or for their child to do independently. The learning focus is design and decorate using glue, sticky tape or staples, as well as other skills such as weaving, cutting, drawing or painting, collage and what ever tickles their fancy. Have a limited selection of materials ready to go and let their creativity run wild.

Paper Bauble (Suitable for Toddlers to Kindy)
Preparation: Using the middle circle of a paper plate, an adult can cut out. I spray painted just due to having the cans available but you may want to incorporate paint as part of the activity.
Using a hole punch to thread through some ribbon for hanging, child can choose to use a texta to draw a design such as a snow flake or do more hole punches to weave ribbon or pipe cleaners for example. Use sequins and glitter at the end.

Wreath (Suitable for Kindy to Yr 3)
Preparation: Cut out the middle circle and keep for the paper bauble activity above. Pre-paint the background or do as part of the activity. Using paper plates work best compared to plastic.
Use ribbon to weave around wreath ring, or pipe cleaners, add fabric, tissue paper, crepe paper, or paper, ribbon etc.

Bell (Suitable for Yr 1/3-5/7)
Preparation: If you can precut your paper cup to desirable size, poke a whole with a skewer and feed through ribbon with bells attached, knot and sticky tape down -otherwise this would be suitable for older students in yr 3 - 7)
The purpose of this activity is to focus on cutting skills using different type of patterned sissors if available or encourage pattern and shape and glue with glue stick. Add two hole punches and thread through pipe cleaner for handles.

Lantern (Suitable for Yr 3 -6)
Preparation: Precut tissue paper into squares.
Using a plastic cup (clear prefereable for better affect), you will need to us cellophane or tissue paper using PVA glue. Get children to put on table drinking top down to more easily glue and turn. Using wide thick ribbon staple sides to make handle. Buy battery operated tealight candles and use when you go looking at Christmas lights.

Fabric Bauble (Suitable for Yr 4 -7)
Preparation: Precut fabric into random shapes approx 2-3cm depending on styrofoam ball size (this one is 75mm which is a decent size). Skewer centre and feed through thin ribbon, tie a knot at one end and allow enough room for the loop. Note larger pieces of fabric will not curve around the ball as well. 
Using PVA glue, children put glue on ball in isolated places and add fabric, overlap and add glue over top -this will dry clear. If it is too hard for them to hold, place bauble in a plastic cup and rotate.

Paddle pop sticks craft: 


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