Monday, November 3, 2014

Still Life Drawing with Preschoolers

Still Life -Preschool drawing (right)

Preschoolers are at that age where they are now starting to 'look' at what is around them and be inspired by things. Sometimes intentional drawing is a good thing rather than to draw freely. Using objects of interest as stimulus starts the process of observational drawing; looking at detail, exploring proportion and scale, looking at variation in colour and tone, shadow etc in an indirect way without being too daunting.

Here we did a the drawing with familiar material -crayons. Already you can see rather than the flower being all one colour, it is 'two-tone', and the vase has a darker area at the bottom (if you are wondering what the red balls are they are to help keep the flowers fresher longer by providing a moist environment). Acknowledge if the child has focused on detail such as the thorns of the rose in this example.

Another example of drawing from stimulus can be found in this earlier post.

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