Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finger Print Hands

Level: EASY 3+ A simple yet fun activity.

  1. Get children to trace around hands with pencil (or get an adult to help for little ones)
  2. Then get them to trace the pencil with black texta. 
  3. Next is the messy part, using stamp pads show children how to work there way from pinkies to thumb. Immediately hands need to be wash (this will get messy). I used a baby wipe and it got most off but there will be staining.
  4. Extension: scan one print and photocopy it larger.

  • Talk about finger prints being unique to the individual. Talk about identity and DNA.
  • Talk about finger prints being used in society to catch criminals. How to you capture fingerprints? What is a detective?
Curriculum Links:
  • Early Childhood -Counting, Fine Motor coordination skills, identity and being
  • Lower Primary -Science

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