Friday, August 15, 2014

Introducing the Digital Camera for Kindy Age

We live in a digital age, and many kids today are being introduced to various technologies at what is perceived by some as an early age. As such, kids are more inquisitive at using this technology. The digital camera is no exception and is an easy artform to introduce to the young artist without the mess. The only concern is safety of the camera. So as an introduction to using the digital camera I just used 5-10mins of play taking photos but the focus being on holding the camera. 

I have a mini DSLR so it is not one of those slim-line thin 'point and shoot' cameras. Therefore it is big and bulky and the child needs to be able to hold the camera. Therefore a technique I introduced was to get the child to hold their hand flat with the camera sitting on their palm and the other hand to support the camera and push the button. 


The camera has a digital preview screen so there is no need to hold the camera like a hamburger with their eye to the view finder. However if you have a thinner camera than this could be a better option. Also a tripod stand would be helpful. Once holding the camera steady has been established, looking at subjects/composition may be introduced.

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