Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fireworks Glitter Painting with Preschoolers

Add a bit of sparkle to your paintings by adding glitter (large confetti like shinny paper for littlies or glitter dust for older children). Get children to paint using a brush and emphasise making lines. Get them to be energetic and make the sounds "boom" and "crackle" to help convey the movement and the mood. Describe the fireworks to look like a dandelion, asterisk, and long grassy shrubs for example. While the painting is still wet, and flat on a table, sprinkle with glitter.

Painting by 4.5yr old

Adult Example
Connect with Curriculum:
This activity links with a unit or theme on Celebrations. Specifically New Year's Eve or other events where fireworks is used, Chinese New Year etc. 

See an example painting of mine from my blog post "An Explosion of Colour" here  
 or view on my website here

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