Friday, April 25, 2014

The Artist Swap Box Project

I decided on a limb when I saw advertised this international artist swap project that 'what the hell' I will do it. So I registered. I was given the details of my swap partner and the date when to send my package by. Not knowing what type of artist my partner was I just had to hope that what I packaged up with be of some use or benefit. 

As I am a painter I put together an Painter's Box of goodies. I included: A catalogue by Phillip Bacon Gallery "Important Australian Paintings", a homemade tonal value chart, a mini colour wheel, some travel postcards, a lino print of eucalyptus leaves by me, a peacock feather laminated, some blank A5 canvases, a few tools for experimenting and some sticky note words of inspiration.All of this got sent off to my Artist Krista Ruohonen from Finland. This is what she got.

The parcel I received was accompanied by a nice letter about my Artist, who she is, what she does and included a partially complete piece of jewellery, as my swap partner is a Jewellery maker. At first I though...what am I to do with this as she included some bits for me to finish off the piece and make it personal to me. I have had this for a while not knowing what I wanted to do. And then, I thought about adding buttons to the piece of string and tying them to the necklace. It added colour which more reflects me, and I have always liked buttons. I enjoyed the challenge of getting outside my artistic comfort zone.

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