Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Bonnet Hat

As a crafty mum making an Easter bonnet hat is as much for your child as it is for you to get crafty. Once again I par-took in the creation of an Easter bonnet/hat for Missy's Kindy parade. 

Last's year's hat I tried to be more authentic in making from scratch. I made a paper mache bowl to represent an egg, stuffed the cup full of yellow paper and made a standing cardboard chick. This however was not a successful head piece as i didn't really think about how it would sit on the head and the curve of the head and the curve of the hat was opposite so it didn't sit well and Missy didn't want to wear it :-( 

So this year, I went simpler, I bought a foam top hat and foam stickers. Missy was able to decorate the hat herself with minimal mess. I PVA glued the rim so she could had the yellow paper. Much happier and more successful!

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