Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Contract for Consignment

So you have a bunch of paintings or other artworks you have created and would like to try different avenues to sell your work. Maybe you have thought of displaying your artwork in a cafe/restaurant? Maybe it is the local library or a nearby business foyer? Whatever the enterprise, seeking an individual or organisation to display your work is generally an agreement made between the two parties. 

As an Artist who is professional and serious about their work, and value their work, protection of your assets should be something you care about. Though I don't know how well a Contract for Consignment agreement will stand in the eyes of the law if there are any issues, it doesn't hurt to give you some type of 'insurance' or protection if anything goes wrong. Such as the cafe goes bankrupt, gets bought out by the liquidators, and they take possession of your paintings. (Now I am not trying to scare you but these things happen...I had a near scare but not this drastic). At least you have a document to prove the business does not own YOUR artwork and it was only being "leased" out.

So what is a contract for consignment exactly? As explained above it is a document which states terms and conditions of the 'lease' or 'rental' of your artworks. There is no strict formula or information which are deemed to be "rules" however, both parties need to agree on certain things. For example, in appreciation of the opportunity to sell your artwork by displaying it in their business, a commission from any sales may be attributed to the other party. You may state x number of weeks or months to trial the consignment. There may be concerns over liability which should be made clear...etc

How to write a Media Release

So you have an exhibition or other art event coming up and you want to let people know about it. First off you will need to be aware of when you need to notify your local newspaper (or other businesses of interest such as online arts news bulletins). Some local papers only need 1-2 weeks' notice. 

Generally the media release is for your impending exhibition opening. You should be nearly finished your exhibitions and as you have been slaving away for months you should feel as though you know your exhibition inside out and can easily write about it.

A media release is formal, factual and structured piece of information. Its purpose is to inform people about your event. This is just one Media Release Template structure:



To: All Media
Phone:            Email: 

Headline Title

The exhibition, [Exhibition Title] of local emerging Artist [name] will be exhibition/opening at [Venue] from [Dates].

[About the exhibition... e.g. scope]

[About the artwork in the exhibition...]

[A bit about the Artist...]

Insert Quotes from Artist or Gallerist/Curator if appropriate]

For further information about the exhibition and to RSVP to attend the opening contact [Name] on [number] or [email].



Chrissy Dwyer

6 November - 4 December 2010

ESCAPISM   Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

eScapsim is a series of acrylic paintings which of “scapes” – landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, and cityscapes – illustrating the essence of Far North Queensland scenery. The paintings have a contemporary feel, which employ vibrant colours and textures. The style is Impressionist, some loose and others more detailed. The title of the exhibition plays of the two words; scape and escape. The artist seeks the viewer feel a sense of relaxation and dreaminess and that they could be part of the scape by escaping into the scene.

Chrissy Dwyer recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual Arts) through James Cook University. Her work has been in show in a number of group exhibitions throughout Far North Queensland since 2005.

eScapism is proudly funded by Cairns Regional Council's Arts and Cultural Grant fund.


OPENING NIGHT FRI 12 November 2010 5.30pm - 8.30pm
Please join us at Cell Art Space, 109 Lake St at 5.30pm sharp where special guest Lenore Howard Visual Artist will officially launch eScapism. From 6pm - 8.30pm meet the artist and enjoy food and drinks at Twelve Bar Café, Cnr Lake & Shields St.

Make sure if you email newspaper editors you have the contact details of the right person. Otherwise it will be lost in the mix. If possible email 1-3 high res photos to accompany your article (they may even do a story on you). Even follow up with a call a few days later to check your email has gotten through. A good way to gage you have the right contact is to check the editor of the events page or feature articles editor from the events page of the newspaper you are contacting.

I wish you luck on getting your media release published and hope you have a great turn out at your even because of it!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Each year I aim to make a character birthday cake...I'm doing well with it only being the 3rd birthday cake for my girl. You may remember the Rainbow Butterfly Cake for her first birthday and the Lady Beetle Cake for her 2nd birthday. My girl has very much loved the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' so I decided for her 3rd birthday this would be her cake.

Using just an ordinary vanilla packet cake mix I added some fresh passionfruit to make it that something different. (Add more than 4 as it wasn't strong enough in flavour).
Get your hands on a ring cake. I used a large and small, but should have used a large muffin cake pan for the head instead. 

What you need:
Ring cake (donut shape)
1 mufflin hole of a muffin tray
Cake mix
Passionfruit (can or approx 6 fruits)
Icing and decorations

Preparation: 10-15mins
Cooking time: Approx 20-30 mins cake, 15 mins muffin (I have a single element electric oven so things take longer to cook).
Decoration Prep: 30mins or so 
Step 2: Create shape

Step 3: Ice cake

FINISHED! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake