Monday, December 23, 2013

Collagraph Printmaking

Age 4 +

Collage -Easy
Printing - Easy

Thick card stock (A4 size)
Foam Shapes (Or firm 2D materials)
PVA Glue or strong bonding glue

Foam rollers
Paint (Printmaking ink or non-toxic acrylic) 
Air drying rack
coloured paper for printing

  1. Collagraph Printmaking is a two part process which takes collage to another level of art making.  
  2. Start with collaging the foam shapes on a thick piece of card (plate). Encourage the child to make a design/pattern or picture (see below for stimulus inspiration).
  3. Allow plate to dry completely overnight
  4. Set up the printmaking station with newspaper or tablecloth over the table
  5. Get the child to roll paint with a roller over the collage 
  6. Get the child to place a piece of paper over the painted plate and "pat pat pat" with their hands all over/ smooth over
  7. Peel back the paper and peg onto drying rack

Moscow Inspired Collagraphs
Age  6+

Explore geometric shapes with your child through using images of Russian architecture. Have a picture next to the child as stimulus when collaging. Repeat the printmaking process as above.


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