Saturday, October 19, 2013

Palette Knife Painting with Littlies

Age: 3.5 +

Difficulty: Easy

Replace the brush and try something different with young children -give them a palette knife instead (disposable palette knifes available at art and craft stores).

What is a palette knife? It is a tool which is blunt, usually with a flexible steel blade used for mixing paint. However Artists also use the knife as a tool for painting. A painting knife is similar to a palette knife and is used for painting on the canvas. Often the word palette/painting knife is used interchangeably.

For the purpose of this activity with little ones, use a range of everyday and domestic tools to create a similar experience of using a metal Artist's palette knife. Set up stations and get them to experiment with a spatula, trowel, plastic egg flips, old credit cards etc. Anything that is flat and bends.  

Paint for this activity will need to be thick or plentiful...if it's too runny it won't stay on the palette knife/painting knife tool. I used Crayola's Gel Finger Paints with Missy.

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