Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Australian Visual Arts Curriculum DRAFT Update 2

The Australian Curriculum: The Arts has been signed off and will be implemented from 2014 to 2015/16

While we wait for the final document to be officially published on ACARA's website, I continue to stay in touch with any changes to the draft (July 2013) visual arts document. I have summarised below a 'snapshot' of themes or topics described to be covered in the band descriptors.

Visual Arts Curriculum (Draft) Snapshot:

~Personal observations



~Sensory exploration


~Past histories


~significant events

~community celebrations



~physical and conceptual properties


~Popular culture

~Historical and cultural histories art and design


~Personal aesthetic

If you are a primary or middle teacher, to assist with your planning, I have listed 'topics' or 'themes' of other subject curricula which can be viewed in this Australian Curriculum overview document I created. You can find links between some subjects and compare topics or themes which need to be addressed to assist in your planning. It lists the key points from the band descriptors from the current phase 1 subjects which were implemented in 2013; English, History, Maths, Science with phase 2 draft subject Visual Arts.

Please note the documents on the Australian Curriculum are my interpretation only. Please consult ACARA for clarification.

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