Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stained Glass Sun Catcher Art Activity

Age: 6+
Difficulty: Intermediate
Educational links: Science - light play, transparent, translucent.

Be inspired by colour and light. Teach your child about transparent and translucent elements and objects. 

There are a few ways this can be approached; 
  • using clear contact (If you use contact, don't choose a cheap one as they aren't very good with sticking).
  • laminating -see tutorial

Using Laminate Sheets
1. Choose any shape you want to be a silhouette, cut out the shape in cardboard. Depending on the age of the child, have a template ready so they can just cut it out or for the real little ones, pre-cut the template.
2. Open up the sheet (you may want to cut the pocket to create two pieces so it can sit flat. 3. Dab a bit of glue to stick the template in place. 
4. More dabs of glue can be added to keep the transparent and translucent elements stuck down. 
5. Sandwich the other laminate sheet and put through the machine. 
6. Use blue tac, tape or hole punch and string to hang your stained glass suncatcher. 

Using Clear Contact
Once the shape has been cut out, cut some contact to cover one side. Peel the backing and stick the silhouette to the sticky contact. Now get your child to collage their transparent and translucent elements (cellophane, tissue paper, coloured plastic). Cut the excess contact paper to shape.


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