Monday, July 15, 2013

Resist Painting

Candle Wax resist painting
Age: 3+
Difficulty: Easy

Resist painting is where a waxy medium (usually candle wax) is used to draw an image onto paper and then a colour wash is applied over the top. The drawing will appear invisible until the picture is revealed by using watercolour washes over the paper. The element of 'magic' can be a fun thing for little ones to experience -to reveal their painting!

Now I have tried a few different mediums to see which provides the best result. Funnily enough, it turned out to be a white crayon. The candle wax I used in the Turtle imaged worked well with going over the drawing a few times to build up enough of a layer of wax to resist or repel the water. So a waxier candle (probably a more expensive one as there would be less filler?). I also tried oil pastel but this smudged a bit.

A watercolour brush would be best to use, not a hard hogs hair bristle brush. White paper is fine, however thicker card would work well too. The paints are just Mont Marte Tempera Block Set watercolour paints.

Missy 3.5yr old's abstract resists painting

Pre-drawn image using white crayon
Pre-drawn image using wax candle
Another way of doing a resist painting for older kids would be to use Masking liquid or fluid. Used by Watercolourists, it is a yellowy tacky medium which gets painted on using an old brush. Once it is dried, the colour wash is applied. Once the painting is dried, the Making liquid is then rubbed off with the finger to reveal the white parts of the canvas or paper.

This idea of resist painting can also lead the way for introducing batik painting. Where areas of fabric are kept from being dyed (like tie dying) as traditional Batik uses wax on the fabric, soaked in dye. Once the dyed fabric is dry, the wax is washed out with warm water the real raw areas of the fabric.

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