Monday, July 1, 2013

Painting 3D Objects

Painted piggy bank -3d painting activity
Missy was given a ceramic piggy bank to paint when she was 3...6months later we have finally gotten round to painting it. As she was painting this small 3-dimensional object, I found it to be an enlightening moment of how different and important learning to paint a sculptural object is for expanding on children's cognitive development. 

Children are faced with all new problems to solve when painting a 3-dimensional object, not only is the hand-eye coordination something which needs their attention, it is the ability to hold and paint the object (or move and rotate the object) that is something the child would need to think about. The child is presented with the idea of form, and presented with the task of decision-making - what colour is to be painted on what surface plane. Does the colour wrap around the form, for example, the leg of the pig? 

This is something I will look at doing again with Missy, not just as an activity to do which was a present, but from the valuable learning experience I have found in this art activity. It would be a great challenge for those early identified 'gifted' children too or just something different from painting 2D. 


  1. Great idea for young artists! Do you think that elementary kids would be too old for such a project?

  2. The idea behind this art lesson can be made harder for older students (elementary/primary age). For example, you could encourage details such as fur, eyes, paws etc to be painted on. Students will need to consider what type of brushes they will need to use such as fine liners. You could even get the students to make the sculptural object out of clay for older grades.


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