Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Australian Visual Arts Curriculum DRAFT Update

Some of you may remember reading my first post on the impending implementation of the Australian Curriculum "The Australian Curriculum and The Arts: What it means for you". Well this is a follow on from that as I thoroughly combed through the draft paper (Visual Arts section) when it was put out for consultation (see PDF here -OLD Version). The curriculum is supposed to be finalised this year ready for a 2014 implementation.

Below is a summary of my key findings in the draft Visual Arts Curriculum:

The curriculum is broken into 4 areas:
  1. Band Descriptions (Year level grouping)
  2. Content Descriptors (description for assessment in lesson/unit)
  3. Content Elaborations (description examples of assessment criteria)
  4. Achievement Standards (assessment criteria)
Key Points
  • The focus of this curriculum is processed based not product based
  • It is seen to be a recursive curriculum meaning that each year learning is built on and expanded upon
  • Two strands: Making and Responding
Australian Curriculum Bands

Summary of Key Focuses and Student Achievement Levels for the Australian DRAFT Visual Arts Curriculum

F-2 Yr Band
·      Focus: Feeling based learning
  •       Family/Community orientated 

Making: Look, Explore, Create, Make, Recognise, Connect
Responding: Share, Talk, Recognise

3-4 Yr Band
·      Focus: Personal/Self/Identity
  •       Peers, Teachers, Community orientated
  •       Introduction to traditional medium
  •       Describe the connection to stimulus 

Making: Explore, Investigate, Develop, Experiment, Share, Combine
Responding: Express, Understand, Explore and Explain, Recognise and Describe

5-6 Yr Band
·      Focus: Create Independently
  •         Peers, Teachers, Community
  •         Respond to own, peer's & artists' artworks
  •         Explain meaning behind artwork 
  •         Development of art skills
  •         People integrate art & meaning differently 

Making: Experiment and Create, Select and Use, Develop art making skills and techniques, investigate communication, combine other KLAs
Responding: Investigate values and meaning, identify and discuss, identify and analyse

7-8 Yr Band
·      Focus: External or outward focus
  •       Understand practices & viewpoints
  •       Techniques & processes embedded in media
  •       Artist viewpoint

Making: Explore self, Investigate practices and viewpoints, reflect, concept development
Responding: Purpose and meaning, explore and explain, research and analyse, understand contexts, interrelationships, perspectives and viewpoints, describe and justify

9-10 Yr Band
·      Focus: External, World
  • Informed decisions, autonomy, investigate techniques and processes critical and historical, interpretation of art, explain integration

Making: Manipulate and synthesis, investigate and explore, experiment, reflect, refine, informed decisions, explore symbol and representation
Responding: Evaluate and share, investigate, research, manipulation, connect practice and viewpoints, analyse and justify

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