Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oil Pastels with littlies

They're not crayons but very similar, and that is why oil pastels are great for something different for kids to play and experiment with. Their smooth consistency makes for easy mark making and colouring in. The water soluble oil pastels are even better as all you need is a soft watercolour brush and some water and you can turn your drawing into a painting. 

I introduced oil pastels to Missy (aged 3) and she LOVED it. A bit messing so make sure you put a drop sheet down, have an apron on or smock or old clothes and wipes on hand.

Oil pastels are a great way to introduce blending and smudging. I tried this with my three year old and she had a ball

A great activity to do with older primary school age students is to introduce contour and tone through simple exercises using a circle shape or fruit shapes such as oranges and pears.

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