Friday, March 8, 2013

Social networking for Artists & Creativity

I feel I have been up to date and progressing with technology as I am what they call a 'digital native/immigrant', however I was resistant to change. I started off as many did using MySpace, for me about 2003. Then Facebook came along and seemed to wipe-out the popularity of MySpace. So as less people were using MySpace to stay connected (at least in my circle of friends anyway) I joined the ban wagon of 'Facebookers'.

As I became more serious about promoting my Art (as I felt it was at a standard for selling and marketing), I created a website. Websites were the most popular form of sharing your content at that point and everyone asked "do you have a website" or as a marketing point you stated "check out my website". 

Then came other modes of marketing your art which were popular such as using free websites or blog and art sharing via product services such as,,, etsy, and other folio gallery sites. 

I had a RedBubble for a few years and didn't sell a thing, however I don't believe it was really suitable to my style or 'market'. I also created a Zazzle account and have been making steady sales.

In recent years it seems as though the world wide web continues to widen as more people are creating social networking avenues. Now we are flooded with,,,, and more, all of which I am now servery lagging behind in 'staying connected'. It has become so overwhelming that the judgement I am now facing as an Artist who wants to stay connected and market myself through various avenues is facing, should I jump on the networking band wagon?

I already have a blog, so why should I have a Tumblr? Pinterest is a bit different but again, spending your time on these social networkong sites whether for marketing your art or just for your own enjoyment takes a lot of time out of your 'spare time'. Now I am coming from a full time worker perspective who has a young child which means the evenings is generally the time I have to create. But as anyone with children would know, by the time the kids are in bed you are buggered yourself. And it is easier to just get on your mobile or the computer and surf the net.

It is all about prioritising just like anything else, and making a choice what is important. In this modern day it seems as though if your not connecting through social networking technology you will get left behind. Maybe the percentages have shifted; 20% creating to 80% marketing? Something has to give, what will it be?

What are your thoughts on social networking and how does it positively or negatively affect your creativity or art business? 

Which Social networking platforms do you use and are they for different purposes?


  1. Social networking websites, Facebook in particular, can be great ways to spread the word about your art. As with any communication model, though, you have to know how to use it in order to get where you want to go. Facebook is no panacea and just because you sign on doesn't automatically mean your art world profile is destined for success.

  2. Yes there are so many social networking platforms that it is overwhelming! I suspect Facebook is where the majority spend most of their time. I love looking at art on Facebook, but I haven't bought via Facebook. I don't yet have a Facebook artist page, but probably will in future, if/once I start painting more regularly, just to be more 'seen'. I have a redbubble account but haven't sold much there yet, & most of redbubble isn't original handpainted art. I'll check out zazzle. Thank-you Chrissy.


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