Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Contract for Consignment

So you have a bunch of paintings or other artworks you have created and would like to try different avenues to sell your work. Maybe you have thought of displaying your artwork in a cafe/restaurant? Maybe it is the local library or a nearby business foyer? Whatever the enterprise, seeking an individual or organisation to display your work is generally an agreement made between the two parties. 

As an Artist who is professional and serious about their work, and value their work, protection of your assets should be something you care about. Though I don't know how well a Contract for Consignment agreement will stand in the eyes of the law if there are any issues, it doesn't hurt to give you some type of 'insurance' or protection if anything goes wrong. Such as the cafe goes bankrupt, gets bought out by the liquidators, and they take possession of your paintings. (Now I am not trying to scare you but these things happen...I had a near scare but not this drastic). At least you have a document to prove the business does not own YOUR artwork and it was only being "leased" out.

So what is a contract for consignment exactly? As explained above it is a document which states terms and conditions of the 'lease' or 'rental' of your artworks. There is no strict formula or information which are deemed to be "rules" however, both parties need to agree on certain things. For example, in appreciation of the opportunity to sell your artwork by displaying it in their business, a commission from any sales may be attributed to the other party. You may state x number of weeks or months to trial the consignment. There may be concerns over liability which should be made clear...etc

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  1. Thanks for posting this information. Many artists are taken advantage of because no contract was in place.


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