Thursday, June 14, 2012

Public Art at the traffic Lights

Located on the corner of Bedivere St & Meadowlands Rd, Carindale, Brisbane

Urban Smarts Project is an initiative of Brisbane City Council where the purpose is to beautiful the city and minimise vandalism by painting the sterile grey green steel traffic signal boxes. Artists are commissioned to paint the council's traffic signal boxes upon submission of their proposal and design. This is a great form of public art, where the community can experience 'street art' for free and enjoy how it brightens up their city making it interesting. 

I lived in Cairns for 6 years and while there, my art was inspired by the tropical rainforest paradise. I had the pleasure of experiencing many beautifully lush green pristine places. Upon my research of the traffic signal box gallery on the Urban Smarts Project website, I notice a distinct lack of tropical scenery painted boxes. I found my niche idea and submitted my proposal for approval. My aim was for the Brisbane community to experience, even in that fleeting moment while driving or walking pass the box, the sanctuary of a tropical environment, to feel a sense of relaxation when they see my painted traffic signal box.

The weather had not been kind in the weeks leading up to the project, as I had a period of time in which to complete this. Luckily, during the cold wet winter snap I encountered a day of sunshine where I worked tiresomely for 5 hours straight just to finish my 3 sided steel canvas. 

Not only did I receive joy and gratification out of the privilege to have one of my artworks displayed publicly, the most successful thing about this project is the community interaction; from cars beeping their horns in acceptance, to seeing people showing me their thumbs up approval, to calls of praise out the window and passers-by stopping to compliment my achievement -that was the highlight of the project.

I would like to thank Urban Smarts Project and the Brisbane City Council for allowing me this opportunity to exhibit my artwork to the public on one of their traffic signal boxes and thus making Brisbane a more interesting and creative place to live.

See the link here of my news article printed by the Bayside Bulletin 

Want to know how to write a media release for your own exhibition or public art work. Check out my example guide and read the one I submitted for this work here. They might use it word for word or they might adapt it from the information you provide.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The line between drawing and painting

Differientiating the difference between painting and drawing (and other mediums) is something that pagues artists when having at categorise their art - especially ic there is no 'mixed media' category.

Some people classify pastels as drawings others paintings. Is ink and wash a drawing or painting? It has both elements. What about a piece with ink and charcoal? Some types of mediums and techniques can cross into two categories.

As a general rule you could say any dry medium is a drawing. And any wet medium a painting. But that reflects the medium. Application could impact on the category. Short sketchy strokes of paint could be considered a drawing technique.

I think a general rule could be; the medium most used or the medium used last e.g. A photograph of a sculpture - the photograph becomes the medium. A mixed media drawing or painting...were more dry or wet mediums used and what type of techniques?

You decide where your art fits.