Monday, September 24, 2012

Scraffito Printing with Kids

A simple twist to painting with children is to try scraffito printing. I did this technique with my nearly 3 year old but could be used up to age 8-10. This is great for fine motor skills and getting children to use their finger for writing. Have a purpose by getting the child to draw lines, swirls, circles, squares and other shapes and geographic images. For example, my example below of a bunch of grapes is great for younger children to practice circles.For older children, get them to write their name or draw images of things.
Scraffito is a design technique where a thick layer of paint is 'scratched' into or incised to leave the negative impressionism. To use this idea for painting with children simple and easy. 


  • Children's Paint (Crayola Gel Paint, Finger Paintings, Cheap Acrylic)
  • Non porous surface (laminate a sheet of paper, use an Over Head Transparency (OHT), Plastic, Glass)
  • Paper
  • Children's Paintbrushes
  • Apron/ Table cloth
  • Wipes or paper towel for clean up 
  • Clothes Air Dryer to hang prints to dry
To print the scraffito painting, paint onto a non porous service such as glass, perspex (acrylic sheeting) or even something such as an OHT (Over Head Transparency) OR like what I used a laminated sheet.

1. Paint onto a laminated sheet or OHT (Over Head Transparency)
2. Use your finger to draw designs or write (remember if you are writing words they have to be spelt backwards)
3. Lay the paper over the top of the painting. 

4.Smooth over with a clean hand peel back and voila!


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4: Left is the print, Right is the painted surface

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