Sunday, September 30, 2012

Collage old artworks with littlies

If you love doing art and crafts with your kids then you probably have the same problem I have...what to do with the dozen or so artworks created in each session. If you are like me then you probably sneek a few in the bin and keep a few good ones...or if you are one of 'those' people who can't bring yourself to throw anything away your child does and keeps everything?

Then I have a great solution for you, two in fact:

1. Create another artwork -Collage the old drawings, prints and paintings. This is a great exercise for them to tear up paper or cut it up, use a glue stick (those purple or blue clear drying a great). What kid doesn't love playing with a glue stick! Ideal for toddlers and yound children.

 Create interesting abstract art...Henri Matisse was an Artist who used paper collage in his later life when he was ill.

2. Use it for wrapping up children's presents or other family members presents.

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