Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watercolour painting for children

Watercolour is the most accessible and easiest form of painting for children. Quick results and less prone to soiling cloths. All you need is a small bucket for water, some soft watercolour brushes (synthetic round/pointed tip), cartridge paper and the watercolour paint. You can buy watercolour paint in small tubes or the blocks/cakes of paint.

A quick and simple method I have used  to teach my toddler how to paint with watercolours is a 3 step process. Depending on their dexterity (are they left or right handed?) set up your materials accordingly, so in order from the right or left.This method is good for instruction, patience and the child getting the best result with least frustration. Teach them the process of:

Get the child to make finger prints with watercolour paint cakes
Toddlers -Draw some lines and get your child to follow the lines; teach them zig-zag, curves, spirls

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