Sunday, June 3, 2012

The line between drawing and painting

Differientiating the difference between painting and drawing (and other mediums) is something that pagues artists when having at categorise their art - especially ic there is no 'mixed media' category.

Some people classify pastels as drawings others paintings. Is ink and wash a drawing or painting? It has both elements. What about a piece with ink and charcoal? Some types of mediums and techniques can cross into two categories.

As a general rule you could say any dry medium is a drawing. And any wet medium a painting. But that reflects the medium. Application could impact on the category. Short sketchy strokes of paint could be considered a drawing technique.

I think a general rule could be; the medium most used or the medium used last e.g. A photograph of a sculpture - the photograph becomes the medium. A mixed media drawing or painting...were more dry or wet mediums used and what type of techniques?

You decide where your art fits.

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