Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to paint: a rose

Acrylic on Canvas. Approximately 60x60cm.

Ability: Intermediate to Advanced

While I was still learning the process of how to paint, I came across an article in an art mag how to paint a rose. A rose looks soo complicated and I had never attempted it, until then. Break down your image to make it easier for you to get your head around. Print out a grey tone copy and start by doing a black & white (greyscale) underpainting. Fill in the areas like a 'paint by numbers' exercise. Once you have the grey underpainting, you will feel more confident to add your colour knowing you have your base tone already there. Go on, give it a try!
Step 1: Draw your outline on the canvas in a pastel pencil, watersoluble pencil or charcoal
Step 2: Block in your greyscale underpainting, starting with your darkest darks first

Step 3: Start to block in your mid tones

Step 4: Block in your lighest tones -nearly white.

Progress photo: Sorry it is side on. I dont know why it uploaded like this. But you can see the photo printed image I am working from on top of the easel.

Step 5: Start adding your colours -again starting with the darkest areas first. You can see the greyscale underpainting.

Step 6: Add your mid tone colours in -only the lightest grey underpainting areas are left

Step 7: Start adding detail to the petals with visible unblended strokes of colour

Step 8: Fill in your lighest coloured areas and finish up details on petals adding highlights, sharpen edges and blur edges

Finished Painting. (c.) Chrissy Dwyer. Artist retains copyright of all images on this blog unless stated otherwise.

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