Friday, May 18, 2012

The Art Market

The age old question of any artist is finding the key to how to sell your art. What information isn't abundant is 'who buys art'. It makes it hard to know how to market yourself correctly if you can't find the facts and figures. An old study, conducted by the Australia Council in 1997, in the report "To sell art, know your market" -though is very out of date to uphold the statistics, still provides an indication in general of the market demographics etc.
The following is a summary from the report;
  • An art purchaser is most likely to be an educated (academic) female aged 35-54
  • They [buyers] work in professional jobs and have a high combined household income ($80000 plus in 1997) 
  • The majority of buyers visit commercial and public galleries, however far fewer buyers visited galleries which actually sell artworks
  • Australian buyers value Australian themed and provenience artworks
  • Buyers value the personal connection or shared experience of the work
  • Traditional imagery resonates a memory for the buyer of a place or thing they have an affiliation with which means they are most likely rare or occasional buyers.
  • Around the time of the survey, Australian country style and domestic imagery was popular. 
  • Holiday goers are keen to bring home mementos, other Artists are of course part of the buying market.
  • Immigrants want to feel the connection with quintessential Australia.
  • Authentic Australian art is perceived to be Aboriginal art.
If anyone has a report on recent Australian Art Market buyer information or even international statistic, please share the paper/book/link.

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