Thursday, April 19, 2012

How do you sell you art? Commerical, public or private.

What category are you in terms of your employee status or entrapreneurship when it comes to selling your art work? In my opinion artists may fall into any if the 3 categories and possibly cross over:
1. Commerical - established
2. Public - emerging
3. Private - professional

If you are a commerical seller you have your work in a gallery (on commission) - like a retail art shop.
If you are a public seller you rely on your personal marketing and promotions of you art either through self funded exhibitions, your website, as a workshop teacher,  entering competitions etc.
If you are a private seller, you most likely have a personal contact list of previous clients who approach you for commissions and sales directly through you (wholesale). 

In my opinion your employee status is reflective on where you are at in you art career. That is not to say this is the same for everyone, but could be used as a way to gage your career status -where you're at for funding purposes for example.

Do you think there are other categories? Are you in agreeance with my theory. What's your opinion?

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