Sunday, April 22, 2012

Batik painting for kids

As an Art Teacher, who is conscious of using materials that are non-toxic (especially having a young child and all the hipe of OH&S these days in schools) I am always looking for clever ways of doing 'traditional' art techniques that are accessible to students and young kids.

I came across a very child friendly version ok Batik painting. Batik painting is a traditional Asian art form of painting fabric. Traditionally, the fabric has melted wax pored onto the fabric in a controlled design. Left to dry and then dyed (like tie-dying). 

A great alternative for children (as melting hot wax is not an option) is to use fabric wash out glue.

Difficulty: Easy (Parent help required for iron).

Stage 1
1. Pre-wash calico or similar cotton light coloured fabric (Pre-washing helps the paint soak in as the siezing in unwashed fabric acts like a resist).
2. Iron flat.
3. Draw design with pecil or tailors chalk on fabric
4. Use an applicator to apply fabric glue to create a straight line (apply think. If glue retracts and leaves gaps in the line, go back over the line).
5. Leave to dry completely (overnight).

Stage 2
6. Dilute acrylic paint so it is a watery consistency but still holds enough colour to 'dye' the fabric. (30:70% paint to water ratio should be enough).
7. Paint on using a soft brush. Make sure to have a piece of plastic or tablecloth under the fabric as the dye will seep through
8. Allow to dry completely -dry flat or hang on the line

Stage 3
9. Wash out the fabric using cold water first to allow excess dye to rinse out. Followed by warm water to wash out the glue. Use a clean scrubbing brush/paintbrush or your nail to help lift out the glue.
10. Allow to dry and iron flat. Project completed. Sew the edges and use however you like e.g. library bag, pillowcase etc.

Finished Batik Painting

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  1. This looks perfect for an art activity I wish to do with key stage one children. Thank you


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