Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crayon Painting

I have recently discovered melted crayon art!!!! I know, where have I been??? Or more importantly, where have you been if you too haven't heard of it. It seems to be poluting google images when you do a search, and that so many people are trying it. So since I discovered it, I have wanted to try it too.

Here is a very simple kiddy version. I have tried using very cheap crayons, drawing onto a canvas, then using my hairdryer to melt the crayon, and used an old hogs hair brush to help 'blend' the melted wax. Here is the results of my Crayon Bird Painting 

1. Draw crayon on canvas

2. Melt with hairdryer

3. Use a brush to smooth/ blend melted crayon


 Here was another experiment using Oil Pastels. The before and after:

Before melting

After melting


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