Saturday, January 28, 2012

Invoice for Artists

As you progress in your art career, you may need to provide a tax invoice (or remittance form) to an organisation for a service you have provide e.g. a workshop you hosted, or goods you have sold such as your artwork to a private buyer, gallery or business.

There are many examples out there how to write up an invoice. Is there are right or wrong way? Well, maybe it depends on your country's legal requirements. In Australia, for the payee not to legally hold 48% (or there abouts) amount of the payment because of tax reasons, you need to supply your ABN. Now I don't want to get into tax stuff because that is not my department. Short answer, supply all relevant information.

So here is an example template for you to see. Add a header and or business 'picture'. Change it to suit yourself and your practice. 

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