Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brisbane & Australian Artists' Opprtunity

Hey guys,

A fab concept and event called "Papergirl Brisbane" is an opportunity for not just Brisbane artists but artists anywhere to have exposure to the public and community.

It is a random act of artness -err kindness, of submitting your art to this initiative for random distribution to strangers on the street via volunteers on bikes.

Yes you give up your art for free -obivously your disgression as to how much you value the piece as to if you are willing to part with it for free effectively giving it away to someone. BUT it is the cool idea behind this art distribution.

What will you get out of it??? I hear you ask. Well....the good thing is your work will be exhibited in a known gallery before distribution. As part of a council thing I would assume media attention will be given. ALSO if you live in Brissie you can take part in the exhibition and delivering the works.

I think it is a cool and easy way to part with some of my unwanted art. I know that sounds bad, but rather than throwing it away, I would rather give it away to someone who may appreciate it.

Here is the link

DEADLINE 4th FEB 2012 

Well I was not able to attend the launch of the 2012 PaperGirl art exhibition however here is a pic (courtesy of Papergirl) of the night with one of my artworks (Uluru top left framed in black) hanging for all to see. I submitted 4 paper works; Janus Lorikeets, Uluru, Girl and Peacock -a mix of prints, gouache and acrylic on paper.


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