Saturday, January 28, 2012

Invoice for Artists

As you progress in your art career, you may need to provide a tax invoice (or remittance form) to an organisation for a service you have provide e.g. a workshop you hosted, or goods you have sold such as your artwork to a private buyer, gallery or business.

There are many examples out there how to write up an invoice. Is there are right or wrong way? Well, maybe it depends on your country's legal requirements. In Australia, for the payee not to legally hold 48% (or there abouts) amount of the payment because of tax reasons, you need to supply your ABN. Now I don't want to get into tax stuff because that is not my department. Short answer, supply all relevant information.

So here is an example template for you to see. Add a header and or business 'picture'. Change it to suit yourself and your practice. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ponderings on commericalisation of art

In a world of mass production, off shore sourcing and importing as a result of cheap labour, materials and other costings, it is no wonder why the term 'struggling artist' has stuck due to the competition.

You see Asian made canvases labelled as 'original' when they have been printed on canvas and selling for $40 a pop from discount stores. Just have a look on ebay and try to 'spot the authentic' genuine artist and not a reproduction company. Of course there are buyers for everyone, even being on a budget is fine. But it is the damaging and deminishing effect these cheap reproductions have on the arts industry. The public cant fathem the value of hundred or thousand dollar plus artworks when they can get something similar for a fifth of the cost. However, if they aren't concerned with quality then the issue is a moot point.

True buyers and collectors aren't the niche we are now trying to target. It is the public and comnunity. Even if they aren't our buyers, if they can understand and appreciate Australian made, owned and supported then they might begin to understand the price galleries pay. As an artist who has used galleries and organisations before to sell my art I can scoff at 33% commission or more, but I too can understand and appreciate the service and need for their survival. At the end of the day it is a business, not a charity. I would generalise much of the public thinks art should be for free -being that public art is free to look and enjoy (that is another part of this issue about educating the public), however it is a product too at the end of the day. Some would deem an investment and appreciates rather than depreciates with age.

I too have gone down the path of commericalisation for survival, however considerate professional artists cap their prints at x number of units to retain integrity to yhe original artwork. And a buyer can negioate for the original not to be reproduced (sometimes by paying a bit extra). But not every artwork is reproduced either.

So whether your a buyer, an artist or the general public, consider the cost of living, labour and materials along with the benefit of supporting the Australian arts industry -supporting local artists and keeping our products and services inhouse as well as buying genuine authentic artwork.

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to make a Lady Beetle Cake

I am off to a good start now having made a few 'character' birthday cakes. For my daughter's 1st birthday I made a rainbow butterfly cake. Now for her 2nd birthday I decided I wanted to make a lady beetle cake.

Here is how I did it -it is very simple.

What you need:
Springfoam cake tin 20cm
1 mufflin hole of a muffin tray
Cake mix
Icing and decorations

Preparation: 10-15mins
Cooking time: Approx 40mins cake, 15-20mins muffin (I have a single element electric oven so things take longer to cook).
Decoration Prep: 30mins or so

Step 1: Follow cake mix instructions. Pour enough mix into 1 muffin tray and the rest into a round cake tin. Cook and cool completely.

Step 2: Cut a little off the small muffin to fit as the head on the body of the lady beetle.

Step 3: Make your icing or cheat like me and get the Betty Crockers Pre-made icing. Colour it with food colouring.

Step 4: Ice the body of the lady beetle with pinky-red icing.

Step 5: Add melted chocolate to vanilla icing or get chocolate icing and ice the head.

Step 6: Put the cake on a plate and decorate. I used licorice and chocolate freckles. I got a pipe clean for the annetennas.

FINISHED: Hubby added some 'toughs' of grass with coloured icing. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm published in Australian Fine Arts and Decorative Magazine

I have just had my 6th published article/demo in an artist magazine. This is my second time in Australian Fine Arts and Decorative Magazine (Vol 19, No. 5) Dec 2011.

Check out the article/demo on my website here


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brisbane & Australian Artists' Opprtunity

Hey guys,

A fab concept and event called "Papergirl Brisbane" is an opportunity for not just Brisbane artists but artists anywhere to have exposure to the public and community.

It is a random act of artness -err kindness, of submitting your art to this initiative for random distribution to strangers on the street via volunteers on bikes.

Yes you give up your art for free -obivously your disgression as to how much you value the piece as to if you are willing to part with it for free effectively giving it away to someone. BUT it is the cool idea behind this art distribution.

What will you get out of it??? I hear you ask. Well....the good thing is your work will be exhibited in a known gallery before distribution. As part of a council thing I would assume media attention will be given. ALSO if you live in Brissie you can take part in the exhibition and delivering the works.

I think it is a cool and easy way to part with some of my unwanted art. I know that sounds bad, but rather than throwing it away, I would rather give it away to someone who may appreciate it.

Here is the link