Saturday, December 10, 2011

Synchromism - a theory of colour and music

I have heard of synasthesia before - where art is responded to through listening to music and then the artist tries to 'paint the music'. Kandinsky was well know for this.

Synchromism sounds similar and could be one in the same (I haven't read enough about it yet) but it uses the music tone to represent the hue. The higher the musical pitch the lighter the colour key and reverse for low tone, deep hue -A formula developed for the 12 'notes' of the chromatic scale. The well known Australian artist Rolan Wakelin is said to have used this approach. International artists Morgan Russell and Roy de Maistre were too noted for creating art this way.

For me, I use music to dance to and get in the mood to create my art. As an exercise it would be fun to respond to the different types of genres; classical, grunge, pop.

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