Saturday, December 24, 2011

Autumn Leaves (Liquid Amber) in Pastel

Autumn Leaves or Fall leaves seem very American. However in Australia we have the Liquid Amber Tree too. And Autumn time to bring out such wonderful  colours in these tree leaves. I am always in awe of the reminiscent atmosphere it brings. So in tribute and anticipation to Autumn, I wanted to capture the beauty of these leaves like so many have done before me.

In a well detailed 'study' I made a pastel drawing in anticipation of a future painting. I have a Liquid Amber tree in my backyard and last Autumn took some reference pics. :
Here is the stage by stage process of my pastel drawing (I say drawing and not painting because I was using a drawing technique). I used pastel pencils and a kneadale rubber. I worked top right/bottom right to top left/bottom left because I am a left hander, as well as using a tissue under my hand and a paper stump towards the end to blend the background. I worked leaf by leaf, not a layering effect like a base/background, then darks then lights over the whole area like I would a painting.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Studio -Stage 3

Stage 4


 Here is a FREE TEMPLATE of my Liquid Amber Leaves drawing design.
Here is a copyright free template for Liquid Amber Leaves.Get your students to colour in in pencil.

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  1. Fantastic Chrissy! Have you tried the stick pastels with this image yet?

    More please!!!!


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