Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to make a painting -Step 4 Final Detail

Ability Level -Beginner

So now you are near the end of your painting. Start to finalise by focus on detail, highlights and shadows (contrasts) and fixing up things which aren't working.
Trio, Acrylic on Board, C.Dwyer 2011. This image retains copyright of the artist.
So with this technique, constant reworking of brushstrokes of colour was used. I emphasied and exaggerated the shadow of the bowl by adding pure blue and red. Yellow was my highlight for the pears and bowl.

Looking at the finished painting now, what I would change would be the sharpness of the yellow highlight on the bowl and maybe blend the graduated colour of the purple tablecloth into the foreground more. But true to the nature of the technique (wet-in-wet), it is dry now and I have left it. But just because I am not correcting my mistakes doesn't mean its a bad painting. I was not wanting to achieve photorealism or proportional perfection. I recognise what needs to be changed, and thats the main thing. 

I am happy with this outcome, because for me it is loose and a different style. I hope this has been a simple enough tutorial for a beginner to follow. Choose a simple still life if your a beginner. Good luck.

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