Friday, July 8, 2011

How to make a painting -Step 3 Blocking In Colour

Ability Level -Beginner

Step 3 -Block in Colour:
Once your have completed the tonal underpainting of your composition, whether in greyscale or monochromatic, now block in your painting using the colours (hue) which match the tonal underpainting. You may choose to use the same process as working your darks, midtones or lights first. 

When you have blocked in an area with colour, work back into it with highlights and shadows/contrasts. 

In this demo, I have taken a Cezanne inspired approach to my painting technique. This kind of technique would probably suit beginners because you don't need to worry about blending.
Cezanne was a post-impressionist artist. His technqiue was to use brushstrokes of colour next to and overlapping each other. He saw the world in planes (geometric shapes) and painted to the shape of objects using squares and rectangles. So pears, rather than looking nicely and smoothly curved, look blocky to show shape.

Unfortunately in my demo, as I mentioned my process, I block in using colour and then add detail. So this image here shows just passed that step. I had forgotten to take a photo in between, but as you can see, the pears still have the original underpainting. What I would have done, was just flatly and smoothly painting the colours, for example, the cream of the wall, the purple of the tablecloth (with graduated variations to show dark and light patches). Here I have started to use the Cezanne technique of blocks of colour brusk marks.
Don't get caught up in detail. Use a short or long flat brush of a medium size so you can't fixate on detail.

This image is copyright of C.Dwyer

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