Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creativity and the purpose in Education

Sir Ken Robinson speaks on TED off Utube and raises some interesting points FOR creativity in education: "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"

Watch this 20min video (yes it is long but worth it. He is fun to listen to and not dry and boring).

As a soon-to-be qualified Art Teacher I am of course an avid supporter of the arts being taught in education. There are so many ways of learning which the visual arts supports as a vechical for teaching knwoeldge, such as; history, geography, science, english. The core learning areas can be supported by teaching information through art, for example, colour theory relates to science, as well as light, art reflects history, geographical locations of artists, artwork and art movements are taught etc. Being creative requires problem-solving and conceptual skills which influences the meta-cognitive learning.

Robinson comments on the heirarchy of subjects taught in school. He states, everywhere in the world more or less have the main core learning areas of english, maths and science as at the top, priority subjects. However, he stipulates this is a deliberate push for academia for the purpose of people getting jobs and professional careers. (I love what he coins 'academic inflation').

He talks about Multiple Intelligences by describing the senario of a girl dancer. Identifying who she is by what her learning style is. This changed how this child behaved and subsequently learned because people finally acknowledge her interests and learning style. Basically summarising, Robinson explains not everyone learns the same, or has the same interests.

It is important to acknowledge and accept our differences is the message I think Robinson conveys as well as his arguements for the benefits of the arts supporting education.

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