Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue and Yellow makes Green!

How the wonderment of discovery kids have when they discover something is just delightful. I had two of my nieces visit and of course I encourage all my nieces and nephews in art and craft when they visit, so out I get the paints and a couple of cheap canvases.

I told them they could do whatever they wanted with the paints I had (cheap ones for the kids). I said they could experiement with making colours on paper first before mixing and putting on their canvas. My nieces who are 6 and 9, just about every time came to show me or tell me what colours they had made. They were amazed! It was such a wonderful process that they felt good sharing that new knowledge with me.

Here is what they painted.

6 year old

9 year old (not finished)

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  1. Chrissy, this is a great post. Kids doing art! I bet they had a grand time. So good of you to give them the freedom to do creative art in your studio.


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