Thursday, February 10, 2011

INSPIRATION. Where does it come from?

Having lived in Cairns (tropical Far North Queensland, Australia) for pretty much all my artistic life, sourcing inspiration from where I live; tropical lush mountainous rainforest greenery, I started to ponder what my new found inspiration would be as a result of my impending departure. A scary thought, about loosing what inspires me, though I was not being ridiculous thinking I would never find inspiration again, just worried a little about the direction my art would take as a result of a relocation.  

I have moved to Brisbane about half way down to the South East corner of Queensland, halfway between the East Coast of Australia. Brisbane is sorta an inbetweener in environment. I would describe it as more bush/country with gum, eucalyptus, and paperbark trees, and a bit more ruggered, but it still has some rainforest qualities. Brisbane has a different beach/seascape scenery -it actually has a surf!
Though I will be ever so missing the tropical rainforest elements of inspiration from Cairns and surrounds, I have many reference photos to still draw inspiration from, AND a new environment to explore -different animals and landscapes. 

My point about inspiration though is...does where you live influence your art and make your art what it is? How has a relocation altered your art? If your an abstract artist, would your art really appear different? If your a realist artist would it be just the subject matter thats different however your 'style' remains the same? How did you cope artistically with a change. Please feel free to leave a comment with your replies.


  1. Great article Chrissy. I think all of our experiences are an influence on our inspirations. Having traveled a bit in my early years in the navy has stayed with me, particularly the marvelous and beautiful places. The process of painting, trying to become a better artist is my biggest influence; moreso than changing places where I have lived. I don't think moving is going to affect your painting style, just give you new opportunities.
    I looking forward to seeing more of your postings.

  2. Hi Chriisy,

    It's a weird thing. When I was living in Cairns, I was a photography nut - so many new things to capture with the camera. However, it wasn't until I was back to Perth that I was motivated into painting as I do now.

    I actually find it more "inspiring" here, being surrounded by people earning their sole living by exhibiting, entering comps etc. That's not to say surroundings are unimportant. I think those images and experiences swirl around in the back of your mind, and will show in your "style" anyway.

    It's quite amazing to see some of the most beautifully rendered landscape work being done by artists who work out of tiny inner city studios.

    Chrissy, you'll always carry those rainforest covered mountains with you - look forward to seeing more of your work!




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