Thursday, February 10, 2011

INSPIRATION. Where does it come from?

Having lived in Cairns (tropical Far North Queensland, Australia) for pretty much all my artistic life, sourcing inspiration from where I live; tropical lush mountainous rainforest greenery, I started to ponder what my new found inspiration would be as a result of my impending departure. A scary thought, about loosing what inspires me, though I was not being ridiculous thinking I would never find inspiration again, just worried a little about the direction my art would take as a result of a relocation.  

I have moved to Brisbane about half way down to the South East corner of Queensland, halfway between the East Coast of Australia. Brisbane is sorta an inbetweener in environment. I would describe it as more bush/country with gum, eucalyptus, and paperbark trees, and a bit more ruggered, but it still has some rainforest qualities. Brisbane has a different beach/seascape scenery -it actually has a surf!
Though I will be ever so missing the tropical rainforest elements of inspiration from Cairns and surrounds, I have many reference photos to still draw inspiration from, AND a new environment to explore -different animals and landscapes. 

My point about inspiration though is...does where you live influence your art and make your art what it is? How has a relocation altered your art? If your an abstract artist, would your art really appear different? If your a realist artist would it be just the subject matter thats different however your 'style' remains the same? How did you cope artistically with a change. Please feel free to leave a comment with your replies.