Sunday, December 26, 2010

Contract to Commission Art Template

As an Artist progresses in their art career they may be approached to do a commission.

A commission is a contract between you the supplier of a service (for work and materials) to the client. Basically someone is hiring you to create an artwork for them and in return pay you for your services.

Just like any negotiation, it is important steps are taken to ensure your rights are protected. So drawing up your own Contract to Commission Artwork document protects you, explains what both parties expectations and responsibilities are, and is a legal binding document.

A legal document does not necessarily mean you have to have a witness or get a JP to sign it. It can be a verbal agreement. It is always better to be more prepared and take safer measures to ensure you do not get screwed over. So having a contract in place is a great idea for Artists. I send mine to the client while in the enquiry stage so they know what to expect and are aware of the conditions.

So some things to consider in your commission contract:
  1. Your details of course
  2. Describe what is the purpose of this contract -what is being commissioned
  3. Discuss payment options and methods
  4. Give details on timeframe to complete artwork and for payment to be made
  5. Delivery details e.g. insured, shipping? When?
  6. What happens if the client does not like the finished product? How flexible are you? What is your 'policy' for returns or refunds?
  7. How can the client take care of the artwork to ensure its longevity?
  8. Most importantly -COPYRIGHT -clearly state your rights

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