Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whimsical Painting: Bird Tree

This image is (C.) Copyright by Chrissy Dwyer. All Rights Reserved.

 Acrylic, 100x100cm. 

Just after I have completed my first solo exhibition paintings, and working in a more detailed realistic and precise manner with planning...I decided I wanted to do something simple, relaxed and fun! Something sooo totally different to my working process and style. 

So here is my whimsical piece. The idea of a simple blue graduated background, with a silhouetted tree with birds and cages. This has a hidden symbolic meaning of caged and freed birds. Inspired by the Hong Kong Bird Markets, many trees are filled with birds in cages, some cages have a number of birds. One cage in this painting is open and the bird or birds have flown free. 

Still deciding whether or not to add some dabs of colour for flowers or leave it simple like it is? 

What do you think? Leave a comment? Flowers or no flowers?

Well after a week or so I decided to do what I was always going to do to it...add splotches of flowers.  I did this by getting a paint spatula and just smeering blobs of paint on. I like the effect.
This image is (C.) Copyright by Chrissy Dwyer. All Rights Reserved

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