Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keyring Taggies

Since having a baby and discovery the many toys available, but also discovering many crafty people out there make soft sewn toys...I stumbled across the Crinkle Taggie Blankets (see earlier post of one I completed )

While juggling my baby on my hip, with just keys and purse in hand when I am just quickly ducking into the shops etc, often my baby likes to play with my keys or purse. As I try not to let her play with either as she sucks on my alarm and could hurt herself with the keys, and soaks my purse fabric, I was trying to think of something to add to my keys she could play with, that was baby friendly...

So I came up with a Keyring Taggie.

Keyring Taggie Mark I
My concept was to have something flexible and 'chewable' as babies like munching and putting things in their mouths. So I painted a piece of watercolour card, cut to size to fit a business card size laminating pouch. Stuck it in when it was dry and laminated it. Hole-punched one end for the keyring and hole-punched the opposite end in a few places and feed some ribbon through and let it dangle (as they LOVE playing with ribbon).

After 'testing' a number of times, the laminated pouch did not stay 'stuck' as the watercolour card was too thick so the edges didn't seal properly, and the handling and sucking from bub unstuck the double sided card. Also, the holepunches through just the laminate didn't hole with the tugging on the ribbon.

Left: Laminated painted paper. Right: Finshed -Hole-punched with ribbon

Back to the drawing board...

Keyring Taggie Mark II
So after some time I was trying to think of another solution...I decided just to do a keyring taggie with just ribbon. So I just various some pieces of ribbon, cut and knotted to metal key ring and attached to keys. So far no problems.

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