Monday, November 29, 2010

How to make a rainbow butterfly cake

With the expectation to do something great for my daughter's first birthday cake, I decided Iwanted to do a butterfly. Later I decided I wanted it to be a rainbow cake. So researching online I found some examples and here is my example of how to make a rainbow butterfly cake. (it helps to have a tin shaped in a butterfly as I did so you don't have to figure out how to cut the shape and how many cakes to cook and in what size tin).

What you will need:
  • Two (moist) Vanilla packet cake mixes (I choose Betty Crocker)
  • Ingredients required on packet (ie eggs, water, oil etc)
  • Food colouring
  • Tin
  • Bowls and spoons to divide mix
  • Lollies and chocolate for decoration
  • Icing (frosting came with cake mixes)
  1. Follow packet cake mix instructions to mix cake. I made cake in two separate bowls as I didn't have 1 bowl large enough.
  2. Get out bowls and spoons. Scoop cake mix into bowls. Choose amount of cake mix in relation to colour process. For instance, lightest colours to have the most cake mix and darkest colours to have the least. This is because the dark colours will dominant. Also, pour in lightest colour or most cake mix first. 
1. Divide cake batter into bowls
2. Add food colouring

3. Because my bowls for the colouring weren't big enough, one colour bowl was enough for one half of the butterfly.
4. Layer colours in a pattern if you wish

4. Pour the remaining colour in
3. Pour first colour into tin
6. Add layer 3

5. Layer next colour on top
7. Add layer 4

7. Add layer 4

8. Add remaining layers in decorative pattern
Trying to be artistic

Now its play time! When I had finished with all the batter I needed (remember to leave a minimum of about 2cm from the top of tin to allow for cooking), I decided to play a little with the left off coloured batter. It was a very fun, creative and liberating process to dripple and swirl the cake mix. A great idea to do with the kids and a good excuse to bake ;)
Abstract art: Playing with dyed cake batter
Abstract art: Painting with dyed cake batter

Cooking Cooking Cooking. Add lined tray below in case of overspill 

Whola! Cooked cake. Chop off it's top (or is that its bottom?)
 Decorate and celebrate!   

* I also made some butterfly cupcakes with jam and fresh cream to accompany the cake 

This blog with the demo was my inspiration (not the recipe but how to go about it)


  1. Awesome!!! Love to see a piece of it after you cut it, I want to see how the inside turned out!

  2. Unfortunately we didn't get a cross section photo :(


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