Sunday, November 14, 2010

eScapism exhibition: first solo

For the past 14months I have been working on my first solo exhibition, eScapism. From September 2009 I submitted the application, to applying for a grant, than researching for a few months, than working on multiple paintings at once for about 8months and the last 2months focused on the 'business' side of things. 

eScapism is a series of bold contemporary realism paintings of scenery depicting tropical far north Queensland, specifically Cairns, Australia. From the mundane and ordinary everyday life subjects to the picturesque beauty of lush greenery rainforests. The exhibition was on show at a local artist run initiative Cell Art Space from 6th November 2010 to 4th December 2010. The launch was 12th November. This exhibition was proudly supported by the Cairns Regional Council's Arts and Cultural Funding Grant.
Visit my website here to see all 12 paintings I created for the show and read more about the concept behind it.

Studio Time. About midway working on a painting.


Me in my exhibition

View from outside the space

Launch night

Launch night

Launch Night

Exhibition at night

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