Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Painting

Today was the first time I have made art with my daughter, and it only took 9 months! Was wanting to do it sooner, even the daycare beat me to it...and I'm an artist! That's when I knew I had to just do it!

Now I know why you use children's paint labelled 'non-toxic'

Not having ever done this before, especially not painting with a young baby, I realised very quick not to turn my back for a second. (See the paint around the mouth)

So to start with I knew I had to get everything ready. I set up outside on the patio for the mess factor.
  • I bought a PVC kids mess making sheet (easy to wash off).
  • The Crayola brand Washable Finger Paint (says recommended age 2+ and now I know why).
  • A rag.
  • A bucket of water.
  • And some plastic disposable bowls for putting the paint in.
  • Oh, and the hose
All up the preparation took 10-15 mins whereas the painting only lasted a few minutes. I realised pretty quick all bub wanted to do was eat the plastic paint filled bowls. So I rubbed her foot or hand in the bowl, then placed it aside on the table and then 'printed'.

To finish, I begged the completed 'Artworks' on the air dryer, utilised the bucket of water to wash her hands and feet. Hosed the PVC sheet. And then gave bub a bath. Wolhla! Our first painting experience together. And I hope there will be more to come.


  1. What a lovely way to spend time together.

    Just wait until she's at playgroup/kindy/school - you'll be called on for all the messy art activites Chrissy!

    Soldier on with all your exhibition preps!



  2. Lovely photo Chrissy. You should start up a home business in Baby Arty Crafty Fun Things To Do!



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